Children’s Packet 3: The Zones of Sandy Hook

This children’s packet, The Zones of Sandy Hook, focuses on the plants within the different zones. In this packet students will see examples of filled out information about different plants, along with images, and will be asked to complete the rest of the packet using the “Zones” page on the website.

To get the the Zones page on the website, which must be navigated through in order to complete the packet, click here.

For extra assistance on this packet the Common Names page can be used, which can be found here.

If you would like to use or view this children’s packet please click the link below:

The Zones of Sandy Hook

Note: Clicking the link above will begin an automatic download of the Zones of Sandy Hook file in a Microsoft Word document. If you would prefer to download as a .pdf please click here: The Zones of Sandy Hook

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