Acer rubrum

Common Names  Red Maple, Swamp Maple, Water Maple, Soft Maple, Scarlet Maple
Family  Aceraceae
Vegetative Zone  Thicket
Plant Status
Life Span
Height  30-75 ft
Flowering Period  Mid March – Late April
Fruiting Period  Early May – June
Distribution  Eastern North America
Identifying Characteristics  Leaves, seeds, and twigs are all red


  • Leaves,
    • Deciduous and oppositely arranged
    • 5-10 cm long
    • Only red during fall
  • Twigs are red
  • Red flowers with 5 small petals


  • Uses:
    • Can be used as soft maple for furniture
    • Can be used to produce maple syrup, though it has a shorter harvesting season than other options
    • Medium quality firewood
  • Toxic to horses
  • Makes a colorful bonsai
  • Medicinal Uses

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