Artemisia absinthium

Plant Name Wormwood
Scientific name Artemisia absinthium
Family Asteraceae
Location Thicket (MUP)
Flowering Period Early Summer to Early Fall
Identifying Characteristics 3-4 feet high, golden flowers


• Herbaceous, perennial plant
• Leaves are spirally arranged, greenish-grey from above and are whitish below
• Flowers are pale yellow, tubular, and clustered
• Flowering is from early summer to early autumn
• Produces a small green fruit
• Is one of the bitterest herbs known
• Odor resembles that of thujone


• Wormwood can be used to settle an upset stomach
• Can be used to treat wounds or insect bites
• Known to be a love charm when combined with other varieties of wormwood
• Is a tonic, stomachic, febrifuge, anthelmintic

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