Chamaecyparis thyoides

Photo Courtesy of Herbarium Photographer

Common Name(s) Atlantic White Cedar
Scientific Name Chamaecyparis thyoides
Family Cupressaceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Thicket (Bike Path)
Flowering Period Spring
Identifying Characteristics Green or green-blue leaves; Arranged opposite decussate pairs


  • Atlantic White Cedar is an evergreen coniferous tree with feathery foliage that is moderately flattened.
  • Leaves
    • 2-4mm and scale like in appearance
    • Arranged in an opposite decussate pairs
    • Green to glaucous green-blue.
  • Seed Cones
    • 4-9mm in diameter and
    • Mature 5-7 months after pollination.
  • Pollen Cones
    • Brown or purple
    • Release their pollen in the spring.

Cultural Uses

  • Whole tree
    • Christmas Trees
  • Lumber
    • Fence posts, ties, shingles
    • House and boat construction
    • Telephone/electric poles
    • Lawn furniture
  • White Cedar charcoal used to make gunpowder during the Revolutionary War


  • Atlantic White Cedar is a long-lived tree. Some trees are reported to have reached 1,000 years in age. (US Forest Service)


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