Distichlis spicata

Photo Courtesy of K. Hubeny

Common Name(s) Marsh Spike Grass, Spike Grass
Scientific Name Distichlis spicata
Family Poaceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Salt Marsh (Horseshoe Cove)
Flowering Period
Identifying Characteristics Eight to sixteen inches in height with narrow, stiff stems


  • 8-16 inches in height
  • Leaves
    • 10 cm in length
    • Light green in color
    • Linear, branch out on opposite sides

Cultural Uses

  • Primary source of hay for early colonists.
  • Often found in livestock feed


Miller, Christopher and William Skaradek. “Saltgrass, Distichlis spicata, Plant Fact Sheet”. USDA NRCS. United States Department of Agriculture. June 2010. Web.


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