Helianthus tuberosus

Jerusalem Artichoke, Abbie Korolik

Jerusalem Artichoke, Abbie Korolik 2014

Plant Name Jerusalem Artichoke
Scientific name Helianthus tuberosus
Family Asteraceae
Location Thicket
Flowering Period Fall
Identifying Characteristics 4-10 feet tall, hairy leaves with yellow flowers



  • Between 4 and 10 feet tall
  • Flowers are 1/5 to 3 inches in diameter


  • Rough, hairy, opposite arranged leaves
  • Yellow flowers
  • Tubers (structure of roots) resemble ginger root, and can be brown, red, white, or purple in color
  • Clumped, knotted roots
  • Bloom in the fall, growing well in mostly non-clay soil, especially alkaline soil


  • Was grown for food in Europe in times of famine as an alternative to the potato.

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