Larix laricina

Photo Courtesy of K. Hubeny

Common Name(s) American larch
Scientific Name Larix laricina
Family Pinaceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Edge
Flowering Period Mid-Spring
Identifying Characteristics Yellow-ish flowers, grows up to 75 ft tall, slender orange-brown twigs


  • Trunk is straight, to 14″-2 0″ in diameter, occasionally larger.
  • Branches are whorled, horizontal or slightly ascending.
  • Self-pruning; by 25-30 years trunks generally clear of branches for half their length or more.
  • Twigs are slender, orange-brown, and smooth, with numerous short, spur branches.
  • Flowers are yellowish, small and round in clusters near branch tips.

Cultural Uses

  • Wood
    • Railway ties, pilings, and posts
    • Historically used for boat construction


  • The American larch has little commercial use because of issues with insects and disease
  • Tapping the trunk of the American Larch produces a thick resin


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