Myrica pensylvanica

Plant Name Northern Bayberry
Scientific name Myrica pensylvanica
Family Myricaceae
Flowering Period May
Location Thicket (Bike Path)
Identifying Characteristics Grows up to 10 feet in height


The leaves are egg-shaped and thin. On the leaves are resin-dots, but are sometimes nonexistent on the hairy upper surface. Leaves are about 5 inches in length. It produces a wrinkled berry 3-5.5 mm diameter, with a pale blue-purple waxy coating.



American colonists used the berries from the plant in making bayberry wax candles by boiling the berries to extract the sweet-smelling wax, used in producing clean-burning candles. Bayberry essential oil, extracted from the aromatic leaves, is used to scent many products. Due to a high eugenol content, the oil is moderately toxic.

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