Phytolacca americana

Plant Name Pokeweed
Scientific name Phytolacca americana
Family Phytolaccaceae
Location Thicket (Bike Path)
Flowering Period
Identifying Characteristics Grows up to 12 feet in height


  • Leaves are alternate with coarse texture and moderate sized pores.
  • Flowers are borne in elongated clusters, perfect and regular with four to five sepals that are white or green, no petals.


  • Cooked berries are safe for making pies. Because the berries, roots and mature plants are poisonous, they are used when newly grown. American Indians used berry tea for rheumatism, arthritis, dysentery; poulticed berries on sore breasts, root poulticed for rheumatism, neuralgic pains, bruises.
  • The berry juice was used as a dye by the early colonists and to improve cheap wine.

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