Toxicodendron radicans

Joey Williamson, ©2010 HGIC, Clemson Extension

Scientific Name Toxicodendron radicans
Common NamesPoison Ivy
Nativity Native; Generally found in the Thicket and Secondary Dune


  • Each leaf has three sections, or leaflets
  • Leaflets are often toothed or lobed, but can also be smooth-edged
  • Coming in contact with the leaves or stem may cause an extensive rash on the affected area, and can spread to others through contact


  • Rash should fade after 2-3 weeks
  • Over-the-counter treatments to alleviate oozing include calamine lotion, zinc carbonate, and zinc oxide
  • To alleviate itchiness, apply baking soda or colloidal oatmeal to the skin

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