Prunus virginiana

Plant Name Choke Cherry, Bitter-Berry, Virginia Bird Cherry
Scientific name Prunus virginiana
Family Rosaceae
Location Thicket
Flowering Period April through July
Identifying Characteristics Grows 5m tall


Choke Cherry is a small tree or shrub native to North America. The leaves are oval-shapes and about 3-10cm long. They are smooth but not glossy. Chokecherry has small white flowers. The cherries are about 1cm in diameter. The cherries range from red to black in color.



The berries are somewhat edible to humans; the bright red berries have more of a bitter or astringent taste than the darker red or black ones. The berries were a staple in the diet of Native Americans, and they grow in mid-may. They are called bird cherries because they are generally eaten by birds. Chokecherry is used to craft wine in the Midwestern United States. Chokecherry is an antioxidant

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