Sassafras albidum

(Chatfield, Jim. “Sassafras.” Ohio State University,

Common Name(s) Sassafras
Scientific name Sassafras albidum
Family Lauraceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Thicket
Flowering Period May-June
Identifying Characteristics  A medium sized deciduous shrub tree


  • A medium sized deciduous tree that can grow up to 60-80 feet tall.
  • Native to the Eastern United States.

Edible Uses

  • Safrole formerly used to flavor root beer
    • Banned by FDA because of carcinogenic potential
  • Roots steeped to make tea
  • Lewaves and pith, dried and powdered, used as thickener in soup

Cultural Uses

  • Safrole oil from roots and wood used to make fragrances


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