Schoenoplectus pungens

(Mittelhauser, Glenn. “Three-Square Bulrush.” Go Botany, 

Common Name(s) Common Threesquare
Scientific Name Schoenoplectus pungens
Family Perennial herb
Location/Vegetative Zone
Flowering Period Late spring- Summer
Identifying Characteristics Average height: about 4.9 feet. Needs full exposure to the sun and cannot adapt to shade


  • The soil that it grows in must be wet and flooded
  • Has blue flowers
  • Has brown seeds
  • Has rough and dense foliage
  • The stem is shaped like a v or triangular
    • Dark green color

Cultural Uses

  • Soft, spongy stems used for basket/mat weaving
  • Kwakiutl used stalks and oil on child’s head to make hair grow long and thick

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