Senecio vulgaris

senecio vulgaris
Plant Name Common Groundsel
Scientific name Senecio vulgaris
Family Asteraceae
Flowering Period Spring
Identifying Characteristics


Common Groundsel is an invasive weed. The leaves are alternating, green, and 2½ to 4 inches in length and 1 inch wide. Leaves are covered in soft, smooth, fine hairs. They are rounded and saw-toothed. The stems are tubular, and the flowers appear in clusters of 8 to 10 cylinder shaped yellow flower heads. Common Groundsel flowers in the spring.


Common groundsel is regarded as being hazardous to animals and humans. It also has medicinal properties such as a diaphoretic, purgative and diuretic. The seeds feed wild birds. Rabbits eat the common groundsel leaves and seeds. Common groundsel is highly invasive and exists on six continents and is exotic to all fifty states.

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