Solidago canadensis

(Tal, Arieh. “Canada Goldenrod.” Go Botany,

Common Name(s) Canada Goldenrod
Scientific Name Solidago canadensis
Family Asteraceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Thicket or Dune
Flowering Period September-November
Identifying Characteristics Tall, leafy, finely hairy stem has tiny yellow flower heads


  • Grows up to 5 ft
  • Leaves
    • Alternate
    • Narrow and sharply toothed
  • Flower heads are less than 1/8th in wide
  • 9-17 yellow flower rays
  • Other uses
    • Treatment of burns
    • Leaf extracts are diuretic and antispasmodic.


  • When used as tea leaves it can relive fever from snakebites
  • Solidago refers to the supposed healing properties of this genus.
  • Leaves approved in Germany for treatment of diseases of urinary tract.

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