Solidago fistulosa

(Fleming, Gary. “Pine Barren Golderod.” Digital Atlas of Virginia Flora,

Common Name(s) Pine Barren Goldenrod
Scientific Name Solidago fistulosa
Family Asteraceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Thicket
Flowering Period August-November
Identifying Characteristics Dark green foliage and yellow flowers


  • Grows up to 7 ft
  • Leaves
    • Alternate
    • Toothless
    • Hairy
  • Flowers are tiny golden and yellow flower heads
  • Flowers are tightly clustered
  • Other uses:
    • Good quality rubber can be made from latex in leaves
    • Mustard, orange and brown dyes can be made from the dyes


  • Believed to be able to grow in Britain
  • Not edible
  • This species is not viable as a Christmas tree

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