Solidago juncea

Photo Courtesy of K. Hubeny

Common Name(s) Early Goldenrod
Scientific Name Solidago juncea
Family Asteraceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Dunes, Salt/Brackish/Freshwater Marsh
Flowering Period Mid-late Summer
Identifying Characteristics 3-4 feet high, golden flowers



  • Between 1.6 and 4 feet tall
  • Leaves up to 20 inches long


  • Dark green, alternate leaves shaped like lance
  • Lower leaves large, broad, toothed, and tapering in to a long, margined stalk
  • Smooth leaves and stem
  • Elm-like shape in appearance
  • Winged leaflets above the leaf axis on the central stem



  • Could be used by humans to treat pain/inflammation
  • Stop muscle spasms, gout, arthritis, exczema, tuberculosis
  • When taken with liquids, can facilitate urine flow
  • Could also be taken to prevent kidney stones

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