Xyris torta

Yellow-Eyed Grass, Jasmine Hoagland

Common Name(s) Yellow-eyed Grass
Scientific Name Xyris torta
Family Xyridaceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Marsh
Flowering Period May-July
Identifying Characteristics 10-30in tall, leafless stem with a small yellow flower forming from a brown bulb


  • Perennial plant
  • Grows 30” tall
  • Leaves are:
    • Alternate, linear shaped
    • Very thin
    • 8-20” long
    • Dark to light green
  • Has small yellow flower
    • 3 petals
    • Yellow petals meet at an orange center
    • Blooms out of a dark brown bulb
    • Blooms in early summer, May-July


  • Habitat:
    • Bogs, fens, shores of rivers or lakes
    • Likes moist, sandy, calcium-rich soil
    • Is native to the eastern half of the United States, from Massachusetts to Alabama
    • Typically found in open and sunny areas, with acidic soils and fluctuating water tables
  • Most abundant of all plants in its class

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