Euthamia tenuifolia

Photo Courtesy of K. Hubeny

Common Name(s) Slenderleaf Goldenrod
Scientific Name Euthamia tenuifolia
Family Asteraceae
Location/Vegetative Zone Thicket
Flowering Period July-August
Identifying Characteristics Narrow, lance-shaped alternating leaves with yellow flowers in head on small rays


• Slenderleaf goldenrod is a native perennial plant
• Grows up to 4 feet
• Yellow composite flowers grow in clusters at the apex of the plant. For most slender-leaved goldenrods, the flowers are flat headed in appearance. Some will assume a round-headed appearance.
• Leaves grow alternately and have smooth margins. They can grow up to 4 inches long and 3/8 inch across.
• Stems occasionally have lines of fine white hair


• The leaves, fresh or dried, can be used as a tea substitute.
• It can be used as an antiseptic in dried powder form.
• A decoction (result of extracting chemical components by boiling) of the plant has been used to treat chest pains and lung problems.
• The result of steeping (soaking in liquid to extract desire chemicals and components) the blossoms can be used to treat certain fevers.


• Thrives in moist to dry areas such as prairies, roadsides, meadows, and shores
• Mustard, orange and brown dyes can be obtained from the plant

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